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Vickie Choitz & Ted Poppitz.

Screen_Shot_2017-09-20_at_3.14.35_PM.png"Bob is the ultimate constituent services representative. Having served as the Clerk of Committees for the Somerville Board of Aldermen for nearly two decades, he knows how the city works and who to call to get things done. We appreciate Bob's authentic Somerville roots and how he puts progressive values in action by supporting housing, education, and job training opportunities for the working people in our community." 

Vickie Choitz and Ted Poppitz.
Washington Terrace.


Adeleine Mannion

Screen_Shot_2017-09-26_at_6.26.55_AM.png"My husband and I are both immigrants, and we came to this country looking for a chance. We've owned a small business in Union Square since 2002. From the very beginning of his term, Bob was clearly a hands-on Alderman. He reached out to many different constituencies, including me and my family. He has since been a great friend to us and has been a real champion for our neighborhood." 

Dr. Adeleine Mannion - Bow Street
Educator, mother, immigrant.


Maureen Barillaro

Screen_Shot_2017-09-24_at_4.29.20_PM.pngAs a lifetime resident of Somerville, Bob has an authentic passion for helping the people of our ward and beyond. He has listened earnestly to our concerns over lack of green and open space and has always supported any measures to make Somerville a cleaner, greener city to live, work and play. During the Board of Aldermen's Union Square zoning discussions, Bob fought hard to make the Union Square master developer double the amount of open space from their original plan. He doesn't back down when it's an issue important to the community. I am grateful for his guidance and experience working with the city, and look forward to another term with Bob!

Maureen Barillaro, Craigie St.
Climate activist.


Sam Engelstad

FullSizeRender.jpg"We have Bob to thank for helping to get the speed limit lowered on our street that has many kids and seniors. He knows which buttons to push in city government and gets things done."

Sam Engelstad, Columbus Ave.
Consultant in international development, training, and medical research, father.


Patricia Berman

patberman-200x200.jpg"Bob always responds to our concerns, always answers his phone, and always follows up.  He has been especially generous with his time, even showing up at a "turn out the vote" event at our son's school to explain the responsibilities of civil service."

Patricia Berman, Columbus Avenue
Art history professor, mother of Prospect Hill Charter School grad.


Matthew Boyes-Watson and Zach Baum

Screen_Shot_2017-09-15_at_3.47.01_PM.png"We're creating Bow Market in Union Square to give local small business owners and artisans a place to grow. Bow Market is about creating and spreading wealth right here in our community. Bob was a strong supporter of the project from the start. He understands that new development has to benefit people who live and work in Somerville."

Matthew Boyes-Watson & Zach Baum, Bow Market founders

Ward 3 residents

Tori Antonino

Tori.jpg"Bob McWatters supports increased green space for Somerville because it cleans the air, cools the city, lowers stress levels, and makes us all happier. He is dedicated to making sure our urban forest is properly cared for. I'm grateful that Bob listens to and respects his constituents."

Tori Antonino - green activist, Boston Street

Shu and Tim Talun

Screen_Shot_2017-09-15_at_3.40.21_PM.png“Bob has shown himself to be a true public servant, willing to take the time to listen to the concerns and the aspirations of his constituents and make what they care about this own priorities. From big issues like zoning to small issues such as speeding traffic, Bob has been a sincere advocate for us and our neighbors. In a political climate that can be contentious at times, Bob has been a breath of fresh air with his focus on getting things done that make life a little better for all of us.”

Shu and Tim Talun

Boston Street


Rob Buchanan

Screen_Shot_2017-09-15_at_3.37.43_PM.png“I was honestly a skeptic of Bob and voted for his opponent when he first ran for Alderman. But he won me over with his commitment to his constituents and delivering results. Having watched him in action during the lengthy Union Square zoning meetings, I saw first hand how he fought for more and better open space, affordable housing units big enough for families, and R&D jobs. It shows just how much he understands what will keep Somerville economically sustainable and open to everyone.”

Rob Buchanan, Medicaid policy consultant, neighborhood activist

Wesley Park

Barbara Vozella

Screen_Shot_2017-09-15_at_3.33.01_PM.png“Bob campaigned to support funding for the high school because he understands that Somerville families need quality schools for our kids. It’s about investing in our future.”

Barbara Vozella, Retired math teacher, East Somerville Community School

Walnut Street 


Mark Chase

Screen_Shot_2017-09-15_at_3.29.08_PM.png"Bob has been key in helping Neighborways bring residents together to build community and help calm traffic on our streets. While these ideas are new to Somerville and the Boston area, Bob was open minded and quick to help. He has been an important bridge between new and old Somerville on our projects."

Mark Chase, Founder, Neighborways Design

Belmont Street


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