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Fighting for Seniors

One of the most rewarding responsibilities as Ward 3 Alderman has been helping and supporting Somerville’s senior citizens, so that they can thrive as independent, healthy, and productive people.

I first began to understand just how much our older generations give back when, at age thirteen, I moved in with my grandmother. She supported my education, encouraged me to go to college, and taught me so much about life. She instilled in me a respect for public service that led directly to my career choice and my running for election.

Screen_Shot_2017-10-04_at_1.57.00_PM.pngBut not all of our seniors are able to live with the respect and dignity that they deserve. As a long-time advisory board member to the Little Sisters of the Poor on Highland Avenue, I see first-hand the issues and concerns of older adults. They range from access to affordable health care, to vital prescription drug coverage, to sometimes just getting enough to eat.

To our senior citizens, who have done so much for the community over their working years, we have a responsibility to ensure that they continue to live with the respect and dignity that they richly deserve.

So, I’ve fought to keep senior housing affordable, accessible, and well-maintained. I strongly supported, and have consistently voted, for the budget of the Council on Aging, with its many innovative cultural and educational programs that keep our seniors active, focused, and productive. And I immediately respond to any requests for assistance from older adults and their caregivers.

When I go into a senior building or home, I intently listen, ask questions, and take action. I have, and always will, champion all our senior citizens. So, if you are or know a Ward 3 resident who needs help from the City, please get in touch with me immediately.

Photo above:  Bob visits with Barbara Vozella, lifelong Somerville resident and retired math teacher, in front of her home on Walnut Street.

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